Pineapple and Progesterone

One girl's struggles to come to grips with considering herself "infertile"

Friday, March 23, 2007

the real and unreal

I am alternately hopeful and sad. not surprising since I've been on this roller coaster all week. Maybe that is what made me dizzy or maybe I'm going anemic from excessive Lovenox use. Dizziness is weird for me so maybe this is one of my pregnancy symptoms. That and lots of uterine pangs and off-and-on breast pain. This latter bit scares me as I'd had to have the pain and then lose it - seems like a foreshadowing. I don't have excessively dry hair, which I expected, just the normal thick mop. Those might be my only symptoms unless you count moodiness which is probably from my lack of sleep. 2 more hours until I get this morning's results.


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